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Catholic Schools Week

Learn. Serve. Lead. Succeed.

Natalia Sawyer

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Once again it is time for our annual Catholic Schools Week.  As we partake in this special week, we are reminded to learn, serve, lead, and succeed.  Throughout all diocesan Catholic schools, children are participating in activities in their communities.  During our Catholic Schools Week, we have participated in our school’s penny wars, Saints bingo, and other special events.

Catholic Schools Week officially started on the weekend.  If students wore their uniforms to mass on Saturday or Sunday, the following Monday would be free dress day.  Each day would start off with our usual gathering in the gym.  Students would then go back to their classrooms and wait until 8:30 to start penny wars.  Afterwards, when students were back in their classrooms, a call would come in around 9:00 telling the saints of the day for Saints Bingo.

Tuesday was our schools “Sports Day”.  Students could wear a jersey, hat, or any merchandise of their favorite teams.  Wednesday was “Mass Day”.  On Thursday students were asked to dress up as what they wanted to be when they grew up. As Catholic Schools Week came to an end we held our last day of penny wars, went positive picketing, watched a movie, and closed the week off with the announcements of the winner of penny wars, the students and teachers of the year, and Saints Bingo.

As 2018’s Catholic Schools Week at Sacred Heart cane to an end, we can look back at this week and remember what we learned from it and how much fun we had doing so.

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Catholic Schools Week