Bleeding Black and Orange

On Thursday, December 7,2017 there was a shooting at Aztec High School. Two people died and while none are injured, it is still a very sad moment in all of Aztec.

It happened at about 8 am when the students were in class. They said it sounded like someone was banging in the lockers but later figured out it was bullets. The shooter was William Atchison who was 21 years old. The police searched his house and one of the things they found was an invoice dated 11/24/2017, for five boxes of Federal 9mm Hydra-Shock Tactical rounds, shipped to William Atchison. The shooter was shot by police who arrived on the scene quickly.

The two students that died were Casey Marquez and Francisco “Paco” Fernandez. Casey was getting a drink of water and Paco was getting something from his locker. Although the students were shot they probably saved more people from dying. The other students left the building and were split into groups by alphabetical order and went to a park so their parents could pick them up. U.S Senator, Sandra

Martin Heinrich, said, “This is a parents biggest nightmare. Every child deserves to be safe at school.”

This event is very sad to the community. People gathered at Mass to pray for them. The parents and the community are devastated by this event. People have donated 6,000 dollars online to the family of Casey Jordan-Marquez. Paco’s funeral was last Saturday at Pinon Hills Community Church in Farmington and Casey’s is at the San Juan College in the Henderson Fine Arts Building on Sunday. We hope that Aztec’s community will strengthen and get past this hard time. Pray for Aztec!!