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The Path of Terror

Madelyn Graven, Editor

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Victim of the terrorist attack

On Halloween, Sayfullo Saipov, age 29, killed eight people in Manhattan, New York. Five of the people that died were Argentines there for a class reunion, another one was a Belgian mother, and two were Americans. They were biking along the West Side Highway and died while 12 were injured. This is one of the deadliest attacks since 9/11.

Sayfullo Saipov rented a pick-up truck and drove down the bike path. After he killed them, he crashed the truck into a bus, jumped out, and ran down the highway with a pellet gun and a paintball gun. He was yelling “Allahu Akbar” in Arabic which means “God is Great”.  He stopped when Officer Ryan Nash fired nine bullets, two of which hit him. He was shot in the abdomen and rushed to a hospital. When he was in the hospital he wanted to hang the Isis flag and was boasting that he was proud of himself for killing the civilians and that his goal was to kill as many people possible. They found handwritten notes in Arabic by the rental car. The authorities recovered 10 to 15 pieces of Arabic messages that said things like “Isis will endure”.

The people in New York are now worried that Isis will attack them again. Cecilia Lovecchio, a tourist from Argentina said, “We’re not safe anywhere. It can be a bomb or a truck. A truck can very well come at us right now as we speak. What can you do?” This message was right that it can be a bomb or a truck. Especially since a bomb went off a year ago on West 23rd Street in Chelsea, which sprayed the block with shrapnel. Though no one was killed it rattled the New Yorkers and it gave them  reminders of 9/11 which happened a couple miles south of Chelsea. Lisa Gilroy, 69, said, ” I cycle every day, so to be hit from behind is personal, but my daughter gets on the subway every day, so a bomb there is also scary.”

The New Yorkers now have extra security and are probably going to constantly look over their shoulder for a car, but they are moving on already. “The Halloween Parade last night was a beautiful example of that failed attempt to sow fear.” Governor Andrew M. Cuomo said at the News Conference on Wednesday. We hope that the New Yorkers move on with their life and go back to the way it was, but our prayers and well wishes are with them.

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The Path of Terror